Saturday, April 16, 2011

15 April 2011 - Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel, KL

the event - luncheon

First, our thank goes to Ms Gorgeous, K Faudziah

Before 5pm, only these left

Soon after that, all 'gone'. :o)


Alhamdulillah. We packed back with smile, dengan penuh kesyukuran.


Sincerely, from the heart - I thank everybody from my kitchen in Johor to the table at the hotel

For my dearest friends;

Angah, Marsya, Alin, K Dean, K Noky, Tuty, Maizura, Nina and others -- thank you for your support, your presence, your warmth, your heart, your doa.

For those who bought my cakes, I wish you good time with your beloved.

My love to Hubiby, Mak, Yuyun, Shiqin, Ibrahim, Mahfuz, Nadiah, Maisarah, Marieah, Insyirah and my lil boy, Muhsin -- thank you for your patience, understanding and family support.

(Wah, bagi ucapan cam menang anugerah belon gitu..) hehehe


p/s: Lovelies dropped these in my FB :

K Faudziah : Mira I fall in love with ur cakes instantly, they r so delicious.

Maizura Jalil : Hmm memang sedap...dah cuba sekali mesti nak lagi...

K Noky : choc cake anda hampir selesai..x dan 1 hari yummmmmyyyy....


I truthfully thank the foremost -- Allah the Almighty.


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