Monday, December 24, 2012

December 2012 - Week 3

Madame Syken's order for her kids' last day schooling for Xmas and New Year


Thank you for the generosity

December 2012 - Week 2

 Football field cake for Aeril - Juliana's son who turns 5!


Dr Anusia's order for her Mom in Law in Singapore

Alhamdulillah for the sky is clear, the air is clean, the land is green,
                                                        for the path we walk, the lines we talk, 
for every walk the fate we've got, the light we live, in the day and in the night - 
Allah the Most Merciful, Thank You Allah.

December 2012 - Week 1

Dr Istiqomah - thank you Doc!

K Nurul's friend

Baizura's uncle wedding - Red Velvet Cake

From Baizura : ^_^


November 2012 - Week 4

Thank you Yati for your order - si comel Amani

Yg ni untuk Aufah - who turned 9th 

Hani anak K Pah - her only princess turned 1st!

Nomi tempah for her cousin's wedding in Singapore

And Qaireen's - Halizah's daughter who turned 1!

Praise be to Allah untuk setiap kurniaNya,yang mendetikkan hati, yang menggerakkan usaha, yang menjadikan kesemuanya indah dan baik-baik.