Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 4, April 2012

Update : Once a week

Terima kasih Shila 
(walaupun saya tangguhkan 1 hari cupcake dia)

Red velvet yang belum dimake-up

Almond Munchy

Order harian

Untuk anak-anak saya di KL
(anak kawan baik saya, simple sebab kena letak dalam kereta lama sikit)

Lazim hari Jumaat

 Order dari Nani

Nota : Cupcakes are not my main product, so I hardly accept the orders )


For a neighbor's office

 Order from Raudhah, my agent for her best friend

Lieza's Auntie

A customer from Pasir Gudang, Hanna

 Raudhah's 7th Anniversary

Talam Tokyo for morning refreshment ordered by Amy 

Cik Yong's order for her father

I thank Allah for the trust people have in us.
I thank Allah for the belief people have in our cakes.
I thank Allah for the repeated orders by the good people.
I thank good people for the business!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 3, April 2012

Auntie Datin's for her friend
Almond Munchy-ies
Friday the busiest day of the week (Alhamdulillah)

Everyday order, 
some delivered morning, some delivered in the afternoon

Bank in Senai's order

Singapore's order (the birthday cake + normal packs)

 Zarina's order for her son, Fairuz Irfan who turns 5

 A company in Kulai's birthday celebration

K Nyali's orders for KL 
(one of the boxes, was for Dato' Sarimah)

We so greatly appreciate your support, everybody.
Many thanks, what a wonderful week after week (after years, *wink*), 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April - from 6th

Rashid / Mala's beloved daughter birthday

Weekly S'pore order

For the Coral Speaking Participants - SMK BT2

Daily order (Senai area)

Thank you Amy for the karipap and seri muka order

Daily order (GPatah area)

Almond Munchy-ies
(another hot sale of ours)

Daily order (JB area)


Nafi's daughter

Talams of the day + 1 birthday cake


PEX (Department in PTP) order
3.5kg moist carrot cake + 30 cuppies

Alhamdulillah, syukur ~ sincerely from the heart, thank you everybody!