Friday, March 15, 2013

Testimoni ~ Syukran Ya Allah

First, kami syukuri nikmat pinjamanMu Ya Allah. 
To those who support us, 
Terima Kasih dari hati to the moon, and back! 
Jazakumullahu khayran


Those were antara testimoni yang dapat dicaptured-kan.
Terima kasih everybody!
*tunduk hormat*


March 2013 - Week 2 ii

March 2013 - Week 2


Contoh cookies pack for wedding of Azzaleenda (before the above cookies were baked)

Thank you Azzareena & Azzaleenda!
(Nanti I publish their good say about the cookies ye, it's in the FB, yet to snap)
 ok, here it is :)

*take a bow* to Azza & family.

Thank You Allah.

March 2013 - Week 1

K Wan, thank you. A birthday cake for Atiqah

Azmira's cuppies order for her lovely daughter
 Raudhah's - our loyal customer :) for her son

Rose's anniversary cake

Nothing else to say except - Thank you, friends!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

February 2013 - Week 4

 Ada permintaan from KL, we dedicated one day to deliver to them ourselves

A shout to you good people over there, 
we appreciate you, we love doing this for you!
Thank youuuu!!


February 2013 - Week 3

Terima kasih Marina

Terima kasih K Pah

Terima kasih Jiha

Terima kasih Hidayah

Terima kasih Nani
(Baked by us, she did the deco herself sebab that particular day, we went outstation)

Gambar ihsan dari FB Nani 


Terima kasih semua.
Tanpa kamu-kamu dan kamu, siapalah kami ini.


*take a bow to everybody*