Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 2013 - Week 4

Small token for my nephew's hantaran in Selayang

Sweety Maslinda, thank you. :)

So-nice-in-person Idura, thank you ever so

For staff in KPRJ, have a good cake cutting so early in the morning, eh? :)

This photo was an ihsan from 
Ms Marina in Bandar Penawar who is so sweet and easy-to-deal with.
Almost 50 economy packs(+ tiramisu in cups) were in the boxes.
Jazakallahu khayr ya ukhti

End of January 2013.


As the page turns on 2012, 
and the world has not ended in a cataclysmic Hollywood style disaster, 
it is time (always, again and again and again) 
to thank Allah and to each and everyone of you.

It’s all a great start to 2013.

Muchos Gracias! :o)

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