Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 2012, Week 2 - Happy Mom's Day!

Our new try, 'Belum Famous Amos'

It's actually a thank you box for a friend

Our Almond Munchy is now seriously taking the shot, 
demands are coming in more and more and more everyday!

Here was Awin's order (repeated, I must say)
that's for Mom's Day

And this one also

Moist Carrot Cakes for Mom's Day

Both photos (2 boxes of cuppies) are for Jabatan Mufti, Pej Agama Johor

Our neighbour's birthday cake

Cake for Mom's Day (lagi)

Combination of Mom's Day and a son's birthday

(Tak tau kenapa gambar ni nak terselit juga di sini, 
dah try naikkan dia ke atas)

Mom's Day Cake Lagi

Ini Nini punya, 
and she gave good comments in FB, Alhamdulillah

 Our new tiramisu pack, in square container

That's triffle, ok? Not Tiramisu.
(i tell myself, i got it confuse each time) hehehe

Thank you Nazirah for the order

To all of you, end-to-end THANK YOU.

Jazakallahu khair 
(Semoga Allah membalas kebaikanmu dan 
semoga Allah melimpahkan berkah kepadamu) 


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